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Did the boston celtics win

Maybe Brad Stevens is Coach of the Year.Hes averaging nearly 19 points and five assists as a starter, and shooting better than he did off the bench!Kyrie Irving, Marcus Morris and even, jayson Tatum s mentality heading into this season.In the next game, Morris scored

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Check my empire theatres gift card balance

How To Subscribe Click here to become a Landmark Cinemas' e-Newsletter subscriber.Proceed With Recommended Seat Your selected seats(s) will be shown in blue.Theatre name, date of purchase, payment method (credit or debit).How To Reserve Your Seat After selecting you movie, showtime and number of tickets

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About Pets at Home UK, pets at Home is the United Kingdom's leading pet retailer, selling affordable food, supplies and other pet essentials for your dog, cat, fish, snake, gecko, bird, or whatever other kind of little guy you own!By using this easy-to-use store locator

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Let's make this completion more accessible from the rest of the.
The keys are bound using Lua, Hammerspoon, and emacsclient.
Local chooser w(function(choice) ow(choice'text end) chooser:choices( "text" "Alfred "subText" "macOS only, "text" "Quicksilver "subText" "macOS only, "text" "Hammerspoon "subText" "macOS only, "text" "Emacs "subText" "is everywhere, ) chooser:show howard Abrams's post on, capturing Content for Emacs inspired me to look at gluing Emacs and macOS.
They enable me to bring cross-platform Emacs utilities into areas I hadn't considered.This works well on macOS, but there are alternatives for other operating systems.We can use it to build a macOS narrowing utility.Alfred and, quicksilver for macOS, with batteries included.So where's all this going?I wrote a utility to extract all links from this page's org file and make them easily searchable from anywhere on macOS by invoking -W.If you're a tinkerer, you'd enjoy the powerful.You can build your own narrowing utilities using chooser and a little Lua.There are great productivity boosters like.Turns out, ivy-read is all you need.Execute emacsclient -ne ".elisp." -s /tmp/emacs server here's the resulting utility in action: These integrations look promising.Invite a Friend, the Humble community has contributed over 134 million to charity since 2010, making an amazing difference to causes all over the world.A simple Emacs completion can be accomplished with little elisp.Limited time offerGet 8 Wallet credit to spend on your next store purchase!Ivy is remarkably easy to use.(ivy-read "Hello ivy: " One " "Two " "Three " "Four.
Like elisp gluing all things Emacs, Hammerspoon uses Lua to glue all things macOS.
I've also taken this opportunity to look at Oleh Krehel's wonderful completion package: Ivy.

Oh and we'll also use some funny"s to tease ourselves about our beloved editor.110) (set-face-attribute 'ivy-minibuffer-match-face-1 frame :background nil :foreground nil) (set-face-attribute 'ivy-minibuffer-match-face-2 frame :background nil :foreground "orange1 (set-face-attribute 'ivy-minibuffer-match-face-3 frame :background nil :foreground "orange1 (set-face-attribute 'ivy-minibuffer-match-face-4 frame :background nil :foreground "orange1 (set-face-attribute 'ivy-current-match frame :background ffc911" :foreground "red (set-face-attribute 'minibuffer-prompt frame :foreground "grey (let (ivy-height 20) (ivy-count-format.To do vera bradley free birthday gift 2018 so, 12 days of christmas gift ideas for best friend we create a separate Emacs frame and make it pretty.I have a few workflows using Emacs's.(with-current-buffer (get-buffer-create modal-ivy (let (frame (make-frame auto-raise.Narrowing utilities are a wonderful way of increasing productivity.We also want it to interact with the.We'll use ivy-read 's :action to invoke a tiny bit of AppleScript.Can now click or press return to follow links.
It s great on eshell, compilation buffers, async shell commands, code, etc.